Reasons Wedding Videography is Awesome For Your Wedding


Having professional Singapore wedding videography is absolutely a hassle free option.

There is no way that you could be relaxed if you hire an amateur one. You will be worried constantly about what is going on. The person you hire may not even have any idea of which settings to use. He may also have no inkling of what a good wedding film should look like.

Instead of enjoying your wedding, you will keep on scrambling to direct the videographer. By the end of your wedding day, you will be unhappy and exhausted. Despite your best efforts, you may not even have any good pictures to show people. Is that what you want? We have a couple friend that tried to do everything within their own means and, boy was it a big disaster! To find a decent singapore wedding videography service requires good research, but most importantly, you have to like it.

A professional videographer does not need any directions. He knows what is expected of him from start to finish. All you have to do is state your requirements and preferences before shooting starts. You can then relax and let someone worry about getting the best pictures of your wedding day.

A Worthwhile Investment

If you are hell bent in getting photos to remember your wedding day, then you will be forced to retake the photos at an additional cost if the first batch is of poor quality. Should you hire an amateur wedding videographer, this is the only likely scenario for you. The alternative would be to have nothing but fading memories of your special day.

Wedding Videography

A professional videographer charges what may seem to be a hefty fee at first. However, the money that you spend on such a professional will be paid once. You will then be assured of getting the wedding pictures that you have been dreaming off, without the need for re-shoots. Compared to the previous scenario, hiring a professional videographer the first time round, is a more worthwhile investment.


How to Prepare for your Wedding

For many people, weddings are one of the most exciting moments in their lives. Everybody wants to avoid those glitches and have the most exciting perfect wedding, but you to need to start preparing your wedding months prior to. Plan, prepare then plan again and again, so as to get everything ready before the wedding day.

How to Prepare for your Wedding

Work with a Wedding Planner

Get someone who can do all the planning for you as you ease your mind and simply enjoy and practice your wedding rituals. A planner will be responsible for the details of the vent such as arranging flowers, finding a mehendi artist, choosing locations for different events, finding a hairstylist for you, coordinating ensembles for the special event and buying the perfect wedding dress to planning for your honey moon. You will have peace of mind knowing that all this is being taken care of.

How to Prepare for your Wedding

Get Yourself the Perfect Wedding Gown

You really need to spend time looking for the perfect gown, before you are finally ready to settle for one. Talk to the professionals, search on the internet, and go for several trials before you get the ideal one. Search for jewelry that will compliment your look and outfit. Plan your outfits as per the number of ceremonies that will take place at your house or at your in laws. Go for colors that are trendy for that season whether, gold, silver or white, one that will make you stand out on your big day.

Treat yourself for SPA

Nothing can make you feel more relaxed than several hours spent in a spa massage parlor. Facials, body polishing and finding the right skin care products, months prior to your wedding will make a big difference in making you look beautiful and flawless. Going for hair SPAs regularly will give your hair a naturally silky and radiant look. Start by getting manicures weekly and pedicures several months prior to your big day. A bride that is properly groomed will not only look stunning but will also portray a certain confidence that contributes to the bridal sparkle.




Wedding montages are fabulous and popular way to share photos and memories of bridegroom’s and bride’s lives with the friends and family. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, a wedding montage software can be used to convert favorite pictures and videos to reflect sweet memories into the custom wedding montage with a nice chosen background wedding montage songs.


The songs should reflect your favorite style and be funny enough. The following styles showcases which songs for your wedding montage will offer much satisfaction.

Indie wedding style

This is a unique wedding style and is highly funny. The style is understated with details such as converse sneakers that goes perfectly with the casual, vintage dress. Such songs include:

The Ceremony Recessional
they include “the Hello Sunshine” by the Super Furry Animals and “the Love and Some Verses”sanged by Iron & Wine

The Cake Cutting
consider songs like “Tonight Is Forever” from Acid House Kings
and “Love It All” from the Kooks


The Bouquet Toss
songs like “Give a Little Love” from Rilo Kiley and “Miss Magnolia” from Matt Costa may do better

The Last Dance
consider songs like “You Are the Best Thing “from the Ray LA Montagne and “December Night” from Laura Warshauer

The Trendy wedding style

The shoes should be dark red patent leather. The dress is short. The veil is normally a hat let. The wedding helps one to showcase his up-to-minute style, beginning with gemstone engagement ring up to the rooftop ceremony. Some of the song should include:

The Ceremony Recessional
the “Something Coming Over” from O.A.R. and “No One” from Alicia Keys

The Reception Entrance
consider the song like “If It is Loving’ That You Want” from Rihanna and the” Love like This” from Natasha Bedding field

The above songs when incorporated together with the wedding videos and photos will be exciting and interesting to watch and listen.



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